NEW CUSTOMER: Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA)

Cayman Islands Health Services Authority Turns to FormFast to Streamline Registration and Bedside Consent Processes

The Mission of the Health Services Authority is to provide the highest quality healthcare and improve the well-being of people in the Cayman Islands through accessible, sustainable patient-focused services by highly-skilled, empowered and caring staff in collaboration with our partners. The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority provides care through th

e 124-bed Cayman Islands Hospital (104 inpatient and 20 observation beds) and the 18-bed Faith Hospital.

Cayman Islands Health Services Authority is implementing FormFast Go to enable clinical forms to be electronically displayed, completed, and e-signed via a mobile tablet at the point-of-care. This solution helps the hospital accelerate documentation, achieve more accurate form selection, and improve clinical workflow.

The Cerner hospital, will leverage FormFast eSignature and FormFast go to accelerate processes at registration and at the bedside with mobile eForm technology.