Output Automation for MEDITECH Magic

FormCentral is FormFast’s platform for automatic output designed specifically for the MEDITECH Magic platform. Applications of FormCentral include automation of packets of hospital forms and financial documents.

An essential tool for streamlining the registration process, FormCentral allows for patient information to be imprinted onto groups of electronic forms (eForms) and automatically routed to the correct printer(s).


Barcoded Forms for Instant Archival

In addition to patient demographic information, FormCentral generates patient-specific barcodes that allow for the completed document to be scanned directly into the EMR’s archiving module.


Form Design Simplified

With both service and software offerings, FormFast streamlines the process of converting paper documents, electronic files, and other formats in feature-rich eForms.


Faster Workflow and Reduced Cost

By eliminating pre-printed forms in exchange for FormFast eForms, hospital employees spend less time & resources managing paper documents. Plus the cost reduction from replacing pre-printed forms with FormFast eForms is often significant.


Automate Your Processes

Connect with FormFast to learn more about how our output management solution can streamline printing and complement MEDITECH Magic.