Improving the Business of Healthcare

Healthcare is a demanding business to be in. With reimbursements on the decline, stricter quality measures on the rise, and the need to validate compliance always present, hospitals are feeling the pressure.


Hospital employees understand the need to do more with less and do it correctly the first time. However, they’ve struggled to find comprehensive tools to allow them work faster while also providing the data they need to work smarter. Until now…


Electronic Forms and Workflow

The first step to improved outcomes is improved processes. FastFlow by FormFast replaces your manual, paper-based processes with an online, paperless workflow system. Our web-based eForms look like the paper documents your staff are familiar with but with powerful features designed to:


  • Accelerate processes
  • Capture data
  • Populate dashboards and reports with critical metrics


Data Capture

Data is captured discretely via fillable fields on the FormFast eForms. Information can be collected from existing data sources, such as the registration system, and pre-populated to maintain the continuity of
the data.


Remaining values are typed into the form or selected from drop-down lists, preventing handwriting errors. FormFast’s fillable eForms allow data to be:

  • Analyzed to decide how to route the document via conditional route steps
  • Populated in other eForms for improved data integrity
  • Presented in dashboards or reports for better utilization


Barcoding of patient and form identifiers on forms is a critical step, streamlining the archival process and ensuring correct submission of documents into the electronic medical record. FormFast produces the identifiers automatically, preventing the occurrence of manual errors and eliminating superfluous tasks for hospital staff.

Workflow Routing

FormFast allows you to create an intelligent workflow route for each process using an intuitive Visual Workflow Designer tool. With this tool, workflow steps, required approvals, and other business logic are easily defined with simple drag-and-drop functionality.


Process Standardization – The Visual Workflow Designer feature gives process owners a way to visualize their workflow and standardize the procedure to their specifications.

Dynamic Workflow – In addition to the pre-defined workflow route, FastFlow can analyze the data on the form to dynamically determine where the eForm should be routed next.

Notifications – When a routed eForm requires action, such as an approval or review, FastFlow sends the recipient a notification to expedite the completion of the task.

In-Flight Workflow Status – Supplementing the notification feature, FastFlow allows users to see the real-time status of uncompleted workflows they have initiated.

Audit Trail – FastFlow maintains an electronic audit trail to quickly validate compliance and confirm policy and procedure adherence of both clinical and non-clinical processes.

Dashboards and Reports – Discrete data elements are captured electronically, and can be presented for analysis in custom dashboards and reports.

Paperless Archival

FastFlow instantly sends the completed eForms and appropriate context to ensure that documents are archived securely and correctly in the right storage location, eliminating the need for printing and scanning while maintaining a complete, electronic record with FastFlow’s paperless archival functionality.


Enterprise Automation Strategy

FastFlow is an enterprise automation platform that solves a number of problems in a number of areas, including purchasing, HR, clinical, IT, risk, quality, administrative, revenue cycle, and materials management tasks.


Hospitals desire a system that is interoperable, affordable, and extensible. Hospitals also have a need to be more automated – and FormFast responded accordingly.


For over 20 years, FormFast has been part of the push to improve healthcare through automation technology.


As one of the few providers in healthcare with an emphasis on addressing both clinical and enterprise workflows, FormFast offers a broad range of automation solutions with a single platform that is adaptable and comprehensive.


Automate. Accelerate. Excel.


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